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Privacy Policy

Refund policy:

1) We always sustain clearness in all the transaction done by our customers.
2) gives the 100% REFUND For
    a) If Delivery not on TIME
    b) If Product Damage or Defective
3) 'Money back guarantee scheme' is a fundamental principle on which our institution functions on.
4) RESHIP the Product
    a) If product not deliver on time
    b) Product damage or wrong medicine you will got from our side
    c) Products not received on wrong address from our end

Prescription policy:

It is mandatory to provide the prescription of the health expert while making purchases from our website which is to be mailed, once the order has been placed. Online medical report is not a valid one & this if send, then the order would be cancelled. Privacy policy:
We regulate on optimum services which does not allow the plagiarism of the facilities or introduction of the third party while making distribution of the drug products. We value the personal information of our consumers & never make any attempt to send unwanted emails for advertising our products for promotion.

Cancellation policy:

1) The order can be cancelled within a period of 12 hours after placing the order
2) It will not dispatch from our End